August 2011

The warrior’s journey is above all a journey of self-perfection. The warrior works to acquire and manifest specific qualities and virtues.  The warrior is not a fighting man in the ordinary sense. The warriors journey is not motivated by power, glory, serving God, country, tribe or any such thing. The journey is rather an end […]


Leadership is over- glorified; the first followers are the sparks that really make the fire… “When you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in.” I wish I could take credit for writing this story but I cannot ~ neither do I […]


That title should perhaps have a question mark at the end… who knows now what is reasonable after last week’s rioting in London (and its causes), following closely on the heels of various scandals over the past year of MP’s fiddling expenses and the enforced austerity cuts. For me this is almost a natural progression […]


Following recent scandals involving the media (no need for names, they’ve had enough air-time) and most especially my Facebook and Twitter posts regarding the connections with corruption, inequality and the austerity cuts being imposed on us nationally, questions are being asked … again. For some it’s difficult to get their head around – this firewalking […]


Recently, a friend suggested I join an internet dating site where she had registered herself, a first timer at this kind of thing. I wasn’t so sure that it was for me but decided to give it a go for ‘research’ purposes, if nothing else. It was something I’d thought about – and so, why […]