Freedom Firewalk

These are some of the most commonly asked questions on firewalking.

Please can you explain what the firewalk is all about?

Firewalking means different things to each person who takes part; for me it’s about re-empowering myself – using my fears and perceived ‘lack’ in my life, to take me courageously into the next phase of my life, whatever it might be.

My teaching is unique;

I teach the Tibetan style of firewalking which raises your energy above that of the fire, fully accepting it’s damned hot and that I’m powerful enough to overcome it, just like the ‘fear’ I mentioned earlier. It’s a full-day workshop of introspection, altho’ we work in a group – and each person will identify and face a few fears before they even meet the fire. They’ll have lots of fun and realise that actually, they are filled with personal power, enough to reach whatever goals they set, for the rest of their lives; when you walk over fire, you know there’s nothing you can’t do!

Each person, whether they decide to walk the fire or not, will leave with a greater sense of their authentic self, more confidence and personal power than they’ve ever had. They’ll also have peak experiences to reflect upon for self-empowerment, throughout the rest of their lives.

Will anyone be burned?

I can’t say for certain as I have no control over the attention they pay to the fire; I can only guide them through the process, providing the right  to keep the focus needed to do it safely. Sometimes the fire can catch you off-guard – especially the second time it’s walked; which is an entirely different experience from the first.

There is always a chance you could be burned. Choosing to walk the fire is always your responsibility; you may be coaxed and supported, but you will be respected if you decide that ‘now’ is not your time to walk. I give you the tools, the rest is up to you.

Fire kisses are little reminders that you’ve walked over hot coals, sometimes occurring when you lose focus, sometimes highlighting an area of your life which needs attention.

How long is the workshop before the firewalk?

You’ll be with me for a full shift; this isn’t a car-park, brainwashing couple of hour’s prep, it’s a full on day of fun and laughter until you’ve worked through your ‘stuff’.

Can people come to watch?

It’s not a spectator event – so no-one will be attending unless they’re taking part. The reasons for this are fairly simple – I need people to fully focus; no distractions and no more of a battle with the ego, than is absolutely necessary.

How did you get into firewalking?

Simply put, I needed to change aspects of my life. Firewalking provided me with the coping skills and courage to do this.

I use what works – and I still use those skills daily!

What is Dragon Dynamics? How long have you been involved with it? What does it do?

Dragon Dynamics is the name I gave my business back in 2003. I created my own job in empowering others, 5 years after my first firewalk, and 4 since becoming a Transformational Trainer (Firewalk Instructor in ‘99). I’d studied and practiced the Chinese internal martial art of Tai Chi, psychology and holistic therapies.

I brought all of this and my own life experiences to the job – using it mostly in organisations (and prisons, YOI / secure units for inmates AND staff) to help addicts in recovery, abused women and those who had become dis-enchanted or dis-engaged from society, including some schools who are forward-thinking enough to empower the youngster, rather than ‘fix’ the adult.

I also run motivational and communications training for corporate companies, having worked in Austria, Holland and Paris, as well as in the UK.

Mary, FireFest

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